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Parking Lot Paving for Fort Wayne Senior Living

At Asphalt Care Inc., we’re dedicated to revitalizing properties in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with top-notch paving solutions. Recently, Georgetown Place Senior Living approached us with a common problem: deteriorated parking lots. Their property manager recognized the need for a makeover and enlisted our expertise in asphalt milling and parking lot paving.

Enhancing Senior Living Parking Lots with Asphalt Milling and Paving in Fort Wayne, Indiana

parking lot paving Ft WayneThe existing pavement in their primary parking lots had seen better days, showing signs of wear and tear. To address this, our team recommended milling to remove the old pavement and prepare the surface for fresh installation.

Milling, also called planing or profiling, is crucial for permanent pavement restoration, especially for heavily deteriorated surfaces like those at Georgetown Place Senior Living. We carefully removed the damaged pavement using specialized machinery, creating a smooth base for the new paved surface. Following planing, our skilled contractors proceeded with the project by laying down high-quality asphalt. Our skilled contractors also performed precise line striping to ensure organized parking and efficient traffic flow. Handicapped spaces were especially important to this senior living facility.

Milling offers numerous benefits for deteriorated pavement by eliminating surface imperfections and providing a stable foundation for the new pavement installed on top. Property managers for multi-family residential properties like Georgetown Place Senior Living can save costs in the long run by avoiding complete pavement replacement by choosing milling.

Investing in professional parking lot paving services improves any commercial property’s curb appeal and enhances safety and functionality. Smooth, well-marked parking lots create a positive impression on visitors and residents while reducing the risk of accidents.

Fort Wayne Property Managers! Trust Asphalt Care Inc. for YOUR next project!

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations on every commercial paving job we perform. Whether asphalt milling, parking lot paving, or line striping, we have the expertise to transform properties into safe and attractive spaces. Contact us today to elevate your property!

Roadway Line Striping in Fort Wayne, IN

At Asphalt Care Inc., we’re dedicated to enhancing the safety and beauty of local parking lots and roadways across the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana, area. Partnering with Brooks Construction, we recently undertook a project to freshen up the roadways at General Motors with our state-of-the-art line striping, ensuring optimal traffic control and security for local drivers.

line stripingThe roadways at General Motors in Fort Wayne needed urgent attention. Faded and worn-out markings posed a safety hazard, compromising traffic flow and control. Recognizing the importance of clear and visible road markings, our team was ready to tackle the challenge with our exceptional line striping services.

Revitalizing Indiana Roadways: Line Striping Project at General Motors, Fort Wayne

We began by thoroughly assessing the existing road markings and traffic patterns. Using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art line striping equipment, we meticulously re-striped the roadways, ensuring crisp, durable lines that would withstand the test of time. Our attention to detail and precision ensured that the newly striped roadways looked pristine and enhanced safety for all motorists and pedestrians.

Throughout the project, safety remained our top priority. We implemented traffic control measures to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of everyone on-site. Our skilled contractors worked efficiently to complete the project on time and within budget.

line stripingProper line striping is essential for ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow. Clear and visible road markings help guide drivers, reduce the risk of accidents, and enhance overall road safety. By investing in professional line striping, property owners can create a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians while complying with regulatory standards.

Ensure Safety and Efficiency: Call for Professional Line Striping Services Today!

At Asphalt Care Inc., we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations. Whether it’s road striping, pavement maintenance, or signage installation, we have the expertise and resources to handle any project. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit your property. Let us help you create safer and more efficient roadways for your community.

Parking Lot Striping Improves Fort Wayne, IN Hospital

Asphalt Care Inc. is a beacon of paving excellence in Fort Wayne, IN. We deliver unparalleled parking lot striping services to esteemed clients like Lutheran Hospital. Specializing in line striping and pavement markings, we ensure safety and functionality in every commercial pavement improvement project.

Lutheran Hospital needed to refresh its road striping, crosswalks, directional arrows, and red ER line. They needed clear, visible markings to guide vehicles and pedestrians safely. The hospital property manager knew that we were the trusted local paving company, so they called us. Our team was happy to help!

Precision Parking Lot Striping: Asphalt Care Inc.’s Expertise Shines in Fort Wayne, Indiana

parking lot stripingOur process exemplifies precision and expertise. We meticulously applied traffic paint designed explicitly for pavement markings using cutting-edge striping equipment, including advanced painting machines. Our machines create clean, straight lines with adjustable spray widths, ensuring optimal clarity and visibility.

Before commencing the project, we carefully selected the appropriate paint, considering environmental regulations and community preferences. Additionally, our team meticulously measured parking spaces, employing professional-grade measuring tools to ensure precision and accuracy. We also used quality pavement stencils, including ADA handicap parking logos, letters, numbers, and arrow symbols, to comply with regulatory standards and enhance accessibility. Prioritizing safety at every step, our team adhered to stringent safety protocols, wearing paint masks and appropriate footwear to mitigate risks.

The benefits of our parking lot striping services extend far beyond looks. Property owners, like Lutheran Hospital, reap the rewards of enhanced safety, improved traffic flow, and regulatory compliance. Clear and visible markings not only enhance the overall appearance of the commercial property but also instill confidence among visitors and staff.

Fort Wayne Property Owners, Elevate Safety with Asphalt Care Inc.’s Parking Lot Striping Services

Fort Wayne property owners are encouraged to consider our paving team for their parking lot striping needs. Our expert services will elevate your property’s safety and functionality.

Contact us today to experience the Asphalt Care Inc. difference – where precision meets professionalism.

Sealcoating and Parking Lot Striping in Fort Wayne, IN

Indiana business owners, do you know who to call for sealcoating or striping your parking lot? Asphalt Care Inc. offers specialized pavement maintenance and repair solutions tailored to Indiana property owners’ needs, and our returning customers prove it.

Our client recently acquired a commercial property in Fort Wayne, IN. The paved surfaces suffered from neglect; exposed to UV rays for years, the pavement was brittle and showed minor imperfections like cracking and flaking. The parking lines had also faded until they were nearly invisible. This isn’t a good state for any pavement, not if the owner wants to avoid accidents and code compliance fees.

Asphalt Care Inc.: Transforming Fort Wayne, IN Properties

The remedy for these commercial pavement issues is the dynamic combination of two cost-effective maintenance services: sealcoating and parking lot striping. Why did our expert asphalt contractors choose them?

  • Sealcoating, a protective layer applied to the surface, shields against UV rays and prevents surface deterioration. It serves as a crucial barrier against weathering, oxidation, and minor surface damage, prolonging the pavement’s lifespan significantly.
  • Parking lot striping is vital for maintaining a safe and organized commercial property. It outlines spaces, traffic lanes, and accessibility symbols using durable reflective paint. This procedure not only revitalizes the appearance of the lot but also enhances safety and traffic flow.

This Fort Wayne parking lot improvement project started with thoroughly cleaning the paved area. Next, our team spread an even layer of high-quality sealant across the surface. Following this, we delineated parking spaces and traffic lanes with professional paving equipment. Accessibility symbols were applied using pavement stencils and reflective paint, guaranteeing durability and visibility.

See the benefits of sealcoating and parking lot striping on your Indiana property!

Sealcoating acts as a shield against environmental elements, while parking lot striping ensures code compliance and safety for visitors. Commercial property owners benefit significantly from these asphalt paving services, with lowered pavement maintenance bills and increased business.

For property owners in Fort Wayne, IN, seeking top-notch commercial paving services, Asphalt Care Inc. is the go-to solution. Elevate your property’s appeal, durability, and safety! Contact us today for tailored asphalt maintenance solutions.

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne IN: Restoring an Industrial Property’s Parking

Asphalt Care Inc. recently completed a major project called: “Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne In: Restoring an Industrial Property’s Parking Lot.”  Due to our high reputation for commercial paving services, a local manufacturing plant, a returning customer, and their facility manager turned to us when they needed some serious work completed.  As Fort Wayne, Indiana’s premier parking lot repair company, we have established and created long lasting clients.  Our comprehensive quotes and workmanship warranties guarantee reliable repairs and pavement maintenance on properties.  This is one of the many reasons why local businesses turn into recurring and longtime partners. 

Our dedicated team proactively contacted our long-term industrial client about their general asphalt maintenance, and they asked us what we could do to fix their site issues. The project required a systematic approach, starting with crack filling to protect against further damage, sealcoating for overall pavement protection, and concluding with detailed line striping and pavement markings for safe and organized traffic flow within the industrial parking lot.

Our skilled team executed crack filling, seal coating, and line striping services to improve the asphalt parking lot for this Fort Wayne manufacturing plant. Our extensive industry experience spanning over 43 years reflects our commitment to precision and excellence. Each step, from crack filling to final pavement markings, was carried out thoroughly, ensuring a resilient and well-defined industrial pavement surface.

Expert Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne IN

Fort Wayne property owners trust Asphalt Care Inc. for superior commercial paving solutions. Our manufacturing client can tell you all about our quality workmanship on this parking lot improvement project.

If your commercial property needs a better parking lot, reach out to us today for exceptional crack filling, seal coating, and line striping services!


ADA pavement markings Fort Wayne

Commercial Asphalt Company Fort Wayne: Speed Bump Installation and Pavement Restoration

Asphalt Care Inc. is the commercial asphalt company Fort Wayne who recently assisted in restoring a high-traffic shopping mall’s parking lot.  The safety of patrons were at risk from high-speed traffic.  We are trusted by more Fort Wayne commercial property owners for  our expertise in speed bump installation on their parking lots, as we proved with a recent speed bump and line striping project.

Working closely with property management, our team identified and implemented crucial parking lot repair services to address this pressing issue. The strategic installation of speed bumps and precise line striping heightened safety measures for both pedestrians and drivers navigating the bustling parking lot. Here’s the breakdown of what our skilled paving contractors did on this property.

Speed Bump Installation and Line Striping at Fort Wayne Mall

To address the issue of excessive traffic speed endangering patrons near the high-traffic shopping mall entrance, Asphalt Care Inc. initiated a meticulous speed bump installation process.

  • Preparation: The existing pavement was notched to accommodate the new speed bumps, ensuring a secure and stable foundation for installation.
  • Adhesion Application: “Tack oil” was applied to the notched areas for better adhesion, ensuring the longevity and stability of the speed bumps.
  • Asphalt Installation: High-quality and durable asphalt was carefully installed and shaped into the required bump forms, guaranteeing sturdiness and effectiveness.

In conjunction with the speed bump installation, Asphalt Care Inc. undertook a detailed line striping process to enhance visibility and caution near the speed bumps.

  • Traffic Paint Application: Highly reflective traffic paint was precisely applied, using stencil patterns to create clear cautionary lines on the speed bumps.
  • Marking Caution Lines: The professional striping team marked caution lines on the speed bumps, ensuring heightened visibility for drivers approaching the area.
  • Result: The meticulous speed bump installation and line striping processes conducted by Asphalt Care Inc. significantly contributed to increased safety measures for patrons and drivers at Glenbrook Mall, effectively reducing traffic speed and improving awareness near the mall’s entrance.

Reliable Speed Bump Installation Experts: Asphalt Care Inc in Fort Wayne, IN

Local property owners in Fort Wayne, IN trust us for professional speed bump installation and line striping services. With our proven expertise, we ensure safety solutions for high-traffic areas.

If you’re facing similar challenges, contact Asphalt Care Inc today!

Project: Parking Lot Striping Fort Wayne IN

Asphalt Care Inc. performed “Project: Parking Lot Striping Fort Wayne IN.”  We are a leading Fort Wayne, Indiana, paving expert who takes pride in perfecting parking lot design to create beautiful, safe, and ADA-compliant paved spaces for local residents. We specialize in cutting-edge paving techniques, including crack fill, seal coating, and precise line striping. Our 43 years of experience in commercial paving have honed our craft, and we’re ready to help you upgrade your space.

Recently, we got to put our skills to the test on a commercial property in Fort Wayne whose paved areas needed a facelift. When it comes to crafting efficient traffic lanes and spaces, Asphalt Care Inc. stands out. Our adept team combines decades of collective experience, ensuring precise parking lot design complies with ADA regulations. Every layout is planned to optimize space while ensuring easy access and functionality. We then meticulously apply traffic paint to delineate spaces, drive lanes, and pedestrian walkways, using specialized pavement marking techniques that guarantee longevity and visibility.

Ready for a new parking lot design? Asphalt Care Inc. is your go-to paving company!

Our commercial paving services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, go beyond mere parking lot design. We specialize in turning blueprints into well-structured paved areas that adhere to industry standards and elevate your commercial properties’ appearance. Our commitment to quality extends to every line striped and every layout planned, ensuring a seamless, organized parking lot that enhances the property’s overall appeal and user convenience.

Not Just Quality Commercial Pavement: We care about Indiana businesses!

Asphalt Care Inc. prioritizes client satisfaction by offering free estimates and ensuring a hassle-free experience backed by a two-year pavement maintenance warranty.  An efficiently designed paved space speaks volumes about your commitment to quality and excellence, so choose a company with the same commitment.

Contact us today to transform your Indiana parking lot with line striping and more!

Parking Lot Repair Fort Wayne IN: A Parking Lot Striping Revamps Project at Safety Kleen

Asphalt Care Inc, recently completed the  project, “Parking Lot Repair Fort Wayne IN: A Parking Lot Striping Revamps Project at Safety Kleen.”  Asphalt Care Inc, swiftly responded to a subcontracted job to this businesses call for assistance.  They executed a comprehensive commercial paving solution that involved a new parking lot layout, bumper block installation, line striping, and sealcoating.

This commercial property faced deteriorating pavement and a disorganized layout, leading to safety concerns and customer dissatisfaction. Upon evaluating the situation, the plan to restore the appearance and functionality of the paved spaces was devised. Our approach included sealcoating to cover cracks and provide a solid base for the new layout, followed by line striping with durable paint, incorporating parking stalls and ADA pavement markings. Concrete bumper blocks were then installed strategically to bolster safety measures.

Collaborating seamlessly with the commercial property owner, Asphalt Care Inc. ensured this pavement improvement project met stringent quality standards and enhanced the business’ safety and visual appeal.  Our paving experts successfully transformed the property by combining expertise in design layout, striping, and bumper block installation, ensuring a more organized and secure environment.

When you need parking lot striping and layout, call Asphalt Care Inc!

The completion of this parking lot striping project exemplifies dedication to delivering efficient pavement services without disrupting daily operations. Businesses in Fort Wayne, IN, can trust Asphalt Care Inc. for top-quality parking lot solutions, offering practical improvements using premier commercial paving services like sealcoating and line striping.


Sports One Ice House: Parking Lot Sealcoating Fort Wayne IN

Recently completing a parking lot sealcoating Fort Wayne IN, Asphalt Care Inc. has been the expert that customers look to when needing parking lot repair.  They recently completed a significant parking lot sealcoating and layout project at Sports One Ice House.  The commercial property suffered from faded asphalt, worn-out parking lines, and a lack of fire lane markings, prompting the owner’s urgent call for help.  Our team swiftly assessed the situation and devised a comprehensive plan to bring their commercial property back to full function.

This commercial pavement project improved the safety and appearance of the parking lot. Starting with sealcoating the paved areas, we filled minor cracks and ensured a protective layer against weather damage. Next, we performed line striping with high-quality reflective paint in multiple colors. The process encompassed fire lane/no parking areas, lettering, handicapped spaces, and loading zones. Each service addressed a different aspect of the damage to this Fort Wayne parking lot: correcting surface damage, enhancing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with ADA regulations.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Specialists in Fort Wayne, IN

At Asphalt Care Inc., we pride ourselves on our 43 years of commercial sealcoating, striping, and signage expertise. This extensive experience isn’t just about parking lots; it spans a wide spectrum of commercial asphalt services tailored to Fort Wayne, IN, businesses. Our dedication to local business owners shows in our meticulous workmanship. Collaborate with us on your own pavement improvement project with our superior commercial paving solutions, including but not limited to asphalt repair, milling, paving, crack filling, drainage repair, and comprehensive signage and striping services.

Contact Asphalt Care Inc. today to revitalize your parking lot in Fort Wayne with top-notch sealcoating and striping services tailored to your needs.

Clarios Parking Lot Repair Fort Wayne IN

Asphalt Care Inc., based in Fort Wayne, IN, recently completed a project called, “Clarios Parking Lot Repair Fort Wayne IN.”  The customer, Clarios, was referred to us through one of our major business partners.  Our partner turned to us to team up to aid in improving the customer’s parking lot using our advanced paving techniques.  Our skilled paving contractors specialize in crack fill, seal coating, and parking lot striping.  Because of our dedication in our craftsmanship, we offer a two-year commercial pavement maintenance warranty.

Trust Us for Parking Lot Improvement in Indiana

For efficient asphalt parking lot services, trust our skilled team with over 43 years of experience.  Contact us for a free estimate, and let us enhance the longevity and appearance of your Indiana parking lot.

Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne IN: A Parking Lot Transformation

Asphalt Care Inc., successfully completed a project called, “Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne IN: A Parking Lot Transformation.” We paired up with our business partner who referred the commercial property owner in need of renovations to their parking lot.  For over four decades, we have been the trusted name for pavement repairs, offering comprehensive paving services.   With 43 years of experience in the industry, our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other paving companies, and they made a good choice by calling us.

Operating in Fort Wayne, we cater to all commercial asphalt needs, from repair to sealcoating, milling, paving, signage, striping, and crack filling.  Our highly trained and skilled paving team ensures a seamless process for our local clients, starting with a detailed quote like we created for this grocery store parking lot project.

This Fort Wayne asphalt parking lot had certainly weathered the test of time, and we knew that a combination of asphalt patching and other repairs was the solution to restore the paved area to its former glory. Our expert pavement assessment led to a quote that pleased the property owner both in terms of pricing and timing.

When it was time for the parking lot restoration, our experienced paving crew came to the job site and executed the repairs with quality asphalt products using the latest paving equipment. We were able to cut away damaged pavement and replace it with a new layer that was compacted to match the level of the existing parking lot.  The property owner stated, “Asphalt Care is a great and trustworthy company. We will definitely recommend them to anyone!”

With decades of experience and an extensive range of services, Asphalt Care Inc. remains a leading choice for parking lot maintenance in northeast Indiana. When your commercial parking lot is suffering, give us a call!

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