Commercial Asphalt Company Fort Wayne: Speed Bump Installation and Pavement Restoration

Asphalt Care Inc. is the commercial asphalt company Fort Wayne who recently assisted in restoring a high-traffic shopping mall’s parking lot.  The safety of patrons were at risk from high-speed traffic.  We are trusted by more Fort Wayne commercial property owners for  our expertise in speed bump installation on their parking lots, as we proved with a recent speed bump and line striping project.

Working closely with property management, our team identified and implemented crucial parking lot repair services to address this pressing issue. The strategic installation of speed bumps and precise line striping heightened safety measures for both pedestrians and drivers navigating the bustling parking lot. Here’s the breakdown of what our skilled paving contractors did on this property.

Speed Bump Installation and Line Striping at Fort Wayne Mall

To address the issue of excessive traffic speed endangering patrons near the high-traffic shopping mall entrance, Asphalt Care Inc. initiated a meticulous speed bump installation process.

  • Preparation: The existing pavement was notched to accommodate the new speed bumps, ensuring a secure and stable foundation for installation.
  • Adhesion Application: “Tack oil” was applied to the notched areas for better adhesion, ensuring the longevity and stability of the speed bumps.
  • Asphalt Installation: High-quality and durable asphalt was carefully installed and shaped into the required bump forms, guaranteeing sturdiness and effectiveness.

In conjunction with the speed bump installation, Asphalt Care Inc. undertook a detailed line striping process to enhance visibility and caution near the speed bumps.

  • Traffic Paint Application: Highly reflective traffic paint was precisely applied, using stencil patterns to create clear cautionary lines on the speed bumps.
  • Marking Caution Lines: The professional striping team marked caution lines on the speed bumps, ensuring heightened visibility for drivers approaching the area.
  • Result: The meticulous speed bump installation and line striping processes conducted by Asphalt Care Inc. significantly contributed to increased safety measures for patrons and drivers at Glenbrook Mall, effectively reducing traffic speed and improving awareness near the mall’s entrance.

Reliable Speed Bump Installation Experts: Asphalt Care Inc in Fort Wayne, IN

Local property owners in Fort Wayne, IN trust us for professional speed bump installation and line striping services. With our proven expertise, we ensure safety solutions for high-traffic areas.

If you’re facing similar challenges, contact Asphalt Care Inc today!

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