Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne IN: Restoring an Industrial Property’s Parking

Asphalt Care Inc. recently completed a major project called: “Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne In: Restoring an Industrial Property’s Parking Lot.”  Due to our high reputation for commercial paving services, a local manufacturing plant, a returning customer, and their facility manager turned to us when they needed some serious work completed.  As Fort Wayne, Indiana’s premier parking lot repair company, we have established and created long lasting clients.  Our comprehensive quotes and workmanship warranties guarantee reliable repairs and pavement maintenance on properties.  This is one of the many reasons why local businesses turn into recurring and longtime partners. 

Our dedicated team proactively contacted our long-term industrial client about their general asphalt maintenance, and they asked us what we could do to fix their site issues. The project required a systematic approach, starting with crack filling to protect against further damage, sealcoating for overall pavement protection, and concluding with detailed line striping and pavement markings for safe and organized traffic flow within the industrial parking lot.

Our skilled team executed crack filling, seal coating, and line striping services to improve the asphalt parking lot for this Fort Wayne manufacturing plant. Our extensive industry experience spanning over 43 years reflects our commitment to precision and excellence. Each step, from crack filling to final pavement markings, was carried out thoroughly, ensuring a resilient and well-defined industrial pavement surface.

Expert Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Fort Wayne IN

Fort Wayne property owners trust Asphalt Care Inc. for superior commercial paving solutions. Our manufacturing client can tell you all about our quality workmanship on this parking lot improvement project.

If your commercial property needs a better parking lot, reach out to us today for exceptional crack filling, seal coating, and line striping services!


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