Commercial Asphalt Repair Saves Markle, IN Business

Asphalt Care Inc. is the most reliable commercial asphalt paving company in Markle, Indiana. We offer comprehensive commercial asphalt repair solutions to esteemed clients like Novae Corp. Specializing in permanent pavement repairs like milling, overlay, and a range of other services, we ensure the smooth functionality of industrial properties.

Novae Corp, a leading trailer manufacturing and delivery company, faced significant challenges due to the heavy traffic of forklifts, heavy trucks, and machinery across their paved areas. These cracked areas had become dangerously uneven, threatening safe travel and damaging company vehicles.

Revitalizing Markle, IN Industry: Asphalt Care Inc.’s Commercial Asphalt Milling & Overlay Services Shine

Commercial Asphalt Repair in Markle, INRecognizing the urgency of the situation, the property manager contacted our trusted local paving company to address these issues promptly. We’re known for quick property assessments and cost-effective solutions to problems like uneven pavement. Our team assessed the site and proposed a solution tailored to Novae Corp’s needs – commercial asphalt milling and overlay.

The service began with precision milling, where damaged areas were meticulously removed to provide a smooth surface. Milling is a cost-effective repair method for damaged pavement that is still structurally stable underneath the damage. After removing the cracked areas, we applied an asphalt overlay, ensuring a durable and long-lasting solution to the problem.

It’s crucial for commercial properties experiencing heavy machinery or truck traffic to prioritize pavement maintenance and repairs. The constant stress from heavy loads can exacerbate cracks, create potholes, and deteriorate the paved surface over time. Uneven paved surfaces can cause a host of problems to drivers and vehicles alike. Unlike residential paving, industrial pavement requires specialized techniques and materials to withstand the rigors of heavy traffic.

Commercial Asphalt Repair in Markle, IN

Enhance Your Property: Markle Property Owners, Ensure Safety with Asphalt Care Inc.’s Expert Services

Our company brings unparalleled expertise in commercial paving, with a track record of success in industrial settings like Novae Corp. Our experienced team utilizes advanced techniques and equipment to deliver superior results, ensuring the longevity and functionality of paved areas.

Our paving team offers a solution for property owners in Markle, Indiana, who are facing similar challenges. Elevate the safety and durability of your commercial property with our expert commercial paving services.

Contact us today to experience the Asphalt Care Inc. difference – where precision meets professionalism. Your property deserves nothing but the best.

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