Line Striping Creates EV Spaces in Decatur, IN

At Asphalt Care Inc., we take pride in enhancing the value of commercial properties across Indiana with our comprehensive parking lot paving solutions. When Witwer Construction contracted us for modifications at Kelley Chevrolet, including installing new electric vehicle (EV) chargers, we were ready to tackle the task.

Asphalt Care: Taking Local Parking Lots into the Future with EV Line Striping

The site presented a specific challenge: marking spaces designated for electric vehicles with green paint. As electric cars continue to gain popularity in Indiana, the need for clear and visible EV parking stalls becomes increasingly essential.

Our team sprang into action, first scoring lines into the pavement with specialized milling machines. Next, we worked closely with the property manager to lay out their EV charging area without disrupting the rest of the parking area. Next, we painted the new green spaces with high-quality paint that will last years. We understand the significance of proper signage for asphalt parking lots in general and ensure each lot we stripe fulfills all federal and municipal regulations like the ADA and local rules.

Electric vehicle charging stations are vital in commercial spaces, offering convenience for EV drivers and supporting sustainability. They attract eco-conscious customers, promote cleaner transportation, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Clear signage for EV charging stations aids drivers in locating them, optimizes infrastructure use, and facilitates policy enforcement regarding access and usage. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this growing trend. As more Americans purchase electric cars and trucks, paving contractors like us will likely see more EV line striping projects.

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