Parking Lot Paving for Fort Wayne Senior Living

At Asphalt Care Inc., we’re dedicated to revitalizing properties in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with top-notch paving solutions. Recently, Georgetown Place Senior Living approached us with a common problem: deteriorated parking lots. Their property manager recognized the need for a makeover and enlisted our expertise in asphalt milling and parking lot paving.

Enhancing Senior Living Parking Lots with Asphalt Milling and Paving in Fort Wayne, Indiana

parking lot paving Ft WayneThe existing pavement in their primary parking lots had seen better days, showing signs of wear and tear. To address this, our team recommended milling to remove the old pavement and prepare the surface for fresh installation.

Milling, also called planing or profiling, is crucial for permanent pavement restoration, especially for heavily deteriorated surfaces like those at Georgetown Place Senior Living. We carefully removed the damaged pavement using specialized machinery, creating a smooth base for the new paved surface. Following planing, our skilled contractors proceeded with the project by laying down high-quality asphalt. Our skilled contractors also performed precise line striping to ensure organized parking and efficient traffic flow. Handicapped spaces were especially important to this senior living facility.

Milling offers numerous benefits for deteriorated pavement by eliminating surface imperfections and providing a stable foundation for the new pavement installed on top. Property managers for multi-family residential properties like Georgetown Place Senior Living can save costs in the long run by avoiding complete pavement replacement by choosing milling.

Investing in professional parking lot paving services improves any commercial property’s curb appeal and enhances safety and functionality. Smooth, well-marked parking lots create a positive impression on visitors and residents while reducing the risk of accidents.

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Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations on every commercial paving job we perform. Whether asphalt milling, parking lot paving, or line striping, we have the expertise to transform properties into safe and attractive spaces. Contact us today to elevate your property!

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