Parking Lot Repair Fort Wayne IN: A Parking Lot Striping Revamps Project at Safety Kleen

Asphalt Care Inc, recently completed the  project, “Parking Lot Repair Fort Wayne IN: A Parking Lot Striping Revamps Project at Safety Kleen.”  Asphalt Care Inc, swiftly responded to a subcontracted job to this businesses call for assistance.  They executed a comprehensive commercial paving solution that involved a new parking lot layout, bumper block installation, line striping, and sealcoating.

This commercial property faced deteriorating pavement and a disorganized layout, leading to safety concerns and customer dissatisfaction. Upon evaluating the situation, the plan to restore the appearance and functionality of the paved spaces was devised. Our approach included sealcoating to cover cracks and provide a solid base for the new layout, followed by line striping with durable paint, incorporating parking stalls and ADA pavement markings. Concrete bumper blocks were then installed strategically to bolster safety measures.

Collaborating seamlessly with the commercial property owner, Asphalt Care Inc. ensured this pavement improvement project met stringent quality standards and enhanced the business’ safety and visual appeal.  Our paving experts successfully transformed the property by combining expertise in design layout, striping, and bumper block installation, ensuring a more organized and secure environment.

When you need parking lot striping and layout, call Asphalt Care Inc!

The completion of this parking lot striping project exemplifies dedication to delivering efficient pavement services without disrupting daily operations. Businesses in Fort Wayne, IN, can trust Asphalt Care Inc. for top-quality parking lot solutions, offering practical improvements using premier commercial paving services like sealcoating and line striping.


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