Parking Lot Repair Roanoke IN: A New Layout Remodel and Line Striping Project

Asphalt Care Inc. completed a major reconstruction project, “Parking Lot Repair Roanoke IN: A New Layout Remodel and Line Striping Project.”  In Roanoke, IN, Asphalt Care Inc. offers comprehensive parking lot layout and line striping services because we have a solid commitment to local businesses. Our customers trust us to improve their commercial properties needs.  Local construction businesses also know our reputation as an excellent paving contractor, so they call us when they need a custom parking lot layout and asphalt repair.

Recently, we got to prove our commitment and dedication to Indiana businesses by helping restore a local commercial property at the request of another construction company.  The site had many problems: the pavement surface was gray and cracked, the existing line striping was faded, and it was not ADA-compliant.  The site didn’t even have wheel stops!  The customer also wanted to install some electric vehicle charging stations for their parking lot upgrade.

As the go-to company for parking lot layouts, Asphalt Care Inc. was perfect for this project.

Our proactive approach involved first seal coating to correct the pavement wear and then line striping with highly reflective, durable traffic paint.  We have the latest pavement stencils, so we can quickly and efficiently install ADA-complaint and electric vehicle symbols.  We also offer a two-year guarantee on seal coating and asphalt repair work to secure long-term satisfaction for businesses in Roanoke, IN.

Expert Parking Lot Layout and Striping by Asphalt Care Inc. in Roanoke, IN

With a combined experience of over 43 years, our team excels in delivering tailored solutions for Roanoke businesses.  Local property owners and our professional partners trust Asphalt Care Inc. for impeccable parking lot layout solutions

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