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In Warsaw, IN, Asphalt Care Inc. is the number one paving company because our leadership has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We grew from a one-man pavement cleaning operation into one of the most thriving paving enterprises in the state, and believe strongly in comprehensive training for our entire crew to minimize rescheduling needs. Our experienced paving contractors have worked with municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential property owners to improve their properties with asphalt resurfacing, driveway installation, parking lot repair, parking lot striping, and residential paving services.

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  • We are the premier paving service provider in the Fort Wayne, IN, area, able to serve all asphalt needs with our diverse portfolio of paving services we provide.
  • Our company offers proud craftsmanship with a two-year warranty on all asphalt repair services and pavement maintenance that we provide.
  • The guiding principle that has shaped and defined our approach to our work is to question “How CAN we…” which has been an instrumental philosophy in establishing our company as a leader in the paving industry.

All About Warsaw, IN

Situated in the heart of Indiana, Warsaw is a radiant gem within Kosciusko County. Nestled alongside the charming Winona Lake, this city boasts a population of around 15,000 residents. Its name pays homage to the capital of Poland, a nod to the esteemed Tadeusz Kościuszko.

Warsaw’s early days witnessed a vibrant tapestry of trappers and merchants, furnishing various goods to the region’s hardy pioneers. Positioned strategically in the lake-rich vicinity, it didn’t take long for tourists to be captivated by the area’s allure, eventually establishing permanent residences. Shortly thereafter, industrial endeavors found their place in this burgeoning town, leading to its official incorporation as a town in March of 1854. The arrival of the Pennsylvania Railroad in November of the same year, followed by the Big Four Railroad in 1870, solidified Warsaw’s status as a hub of growth and connection.

The Wagon Wheel Center is one of the best singing, dancing, and acting places you can visit in Indiana, having a wide range of performances for the entire family. There are eight areas in the Biblical Gardens for the entire family to enjoy whenever they like, a year-round garden center and an area that shows off the various biomes of the United States to the public. Finally, if you prefer to be outdoors, the Beyer Farm Trail offers the whole hiking experience anytime you need to hit the road and be one with nature.

Whatever you might be into or interested in, Warsaw has something to offer you today. Come and have a visit!

Line Striping Saves Warsaw IN Hospital Parking Lot

In Warsaw, Indiana, Asphalt Care Inc. is the premier provider of comprehensive commercial paving solutions, from parking lot repair to detailed line striping. Our decades of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining commercial pavement have solidified our reputation as a trusted partner for local businesses and municipalities.

When our professional partner, Brooks Construction, asked us to transform the parking lot at Parkview Warsaw Hospital into a safe and functional space, our team rose to the challenge. The project involved designing and painting the layout of parking stalls, stop bars, crosswalks, and stop signs. Our goal was to ensure clear, visible markings for pedestrian traffic, enhancing safety and organization within the premises.

Enhancing Safety: Asphalt Care Inc.’s Line Striping Project at Parkview Warsaw Hospital in Warsaw, IN

line stripingLine striping is a vital aspect of our commercial pavement maintenance services. It involves applying visible paint markings using durable, reflective paint, optimizing the use of space, and ensuring efficient traffic flow. In addition to traditional lines, we offer directional arrows, crosswalks, handicap symbols, and customized stencils to meet specific requirements.

If your parking lot’s markings are fading or causing accidents, it’s time for restriping. Our detailed line striping process involves thorough pavement cleaning, precise measurements, and the application of high-quality paint. We also ensure ADA compliance, incorporating accessible spaces, proper signage, and compliant markings as mandated by regulations.

Moreover, sealcoating enhances the appearance and longevity of painted lines, ensuring a crisp and professional look. Our parking lot repair services, including asphalt patching and crack filling, provide effective solutions for pavement damage, such as potholes or cracks.

*Upgrade Your Property: Warsaw Property Owners, Ensure Safety with Asphalt Care Inc.’s Line Striping Services

Elevate your parking lot with Asphalt Care Inc.’s line striping services. Our pavement marking expertise guarantees optimized traffic management and ADA compliance, ensuring your commercial property shines while meeting Fort Wayne, IN regulations.

Contact us today for superior parking lot striping services in Indiana!

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