Asphalt Care Inc.’s essence can be best encapsulated by the term “evolution.” Over the course of our company’s journey, we have ceaselessly strived to refine our diverse skills, aiming to provide our customers with a comprehensive one-stop solution.

Initially, we commenced as a one-man cleaning operation, but we have now evolved into a thriving enterprise offering a complete range of asphalt maintenance services.

Our aspiration to venture into the asphalt business led us to seek a distinct market niche, one that was underserved or overlooked by the industry giants. This pursuit gradually led us to discover various services that were not only absent from the offerings of larger companies but also demanded a higher level of professionalism that we were more than capable of providing.

A guiding principle that has shaped our approach is to question, “How CAN we…” This philosophy has been instrumental in propelling us to a position of industry leadership, creating a strong and enduring foundation. We have prioritized the well-being of our employees, recognizing them as the backbone of our success and ensuring they receive the best possible treatment. We have also adopted only top-quality products to ensure that our finished projects not only look impressive but also function at their best. As a result, clients of all sizes turn to us for the work they value the most, fostering enduring relationships with both clients and suppliers. These accomplishments have empowered us to attract some of the finest talents in our field.

At Asphalt Care Inc, a common thread unites everyone from upper management to the newest team members – a lack of prior knowledge in the industry. We take immense pride in recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds and nurturing them into skilled professionals. Our workplace culture and environment are thriving, fostered by a genuine care for one another and a shared belief in the collective effort that drives our success.

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