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Asphalt Care Inc is the paving company you can trust implicitly in Woodburn, IN, because we provide free estimates to ensure you have an efficient and pleasant experience on every pavement improvement project. For 43 years, we’ve provided Indiana with cutting-edge asphalt paving services such as driveway repair, parking signage, and more. Our products are only of the best quality, allowing us to pass along savings to you. Our superior installation methods and products make our pavement last longer than our competitors.

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  • Our company’s leadership has 30 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry, and our estimator also has 25 years of service.
  • We were initially a one-man cleaning operation, but we have evolved into a strong and thriving asphalt paving enterprise that can offer the entire range of pavement maintenance services.
  • Comprehensive training is a priority; each team member is equipped to handle every aspect of the job, minimizing any rescheduling needs due to personnel absence.

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One of the beautiful towns of Maumee Township in Allen County, IN, Woodburn is one of the smallest communities in Indiana. It is adjacent to U.S. Route 24, making it a common stop for those coming down that roadway.

The town was platted back in 1865 by two men named Joseph Edgerton and Joseph Smith, naming it Phelps Station. It was chosen due to the fertile ground, abundant timber, and nearby river. After two accidental fires, large tracts of land were sold to the public for farming purposes. At its inception, the train depot lent the name Phelps Station, the name Woodburn coming from the enormous local wood burnings to clear the land.

Locally, there is a lot one can do in the area. You could visit Fort Wayne to participate in the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, a place that is a specialty museum catering to the wide range of railroad intrigue and history that crisscrosses Indiana. Stop by H. Souder and Son’s General Store for another look back in time to how things were in Indiana from the before times, getting to appreciate what the 1800s were like and how Indiana shaped the vision of what was to come for the entire United States.

Woodburn is the place to go for whatever you’ve got in mind. Stop on by today!

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