Sports One Ice House: Parking Lot Sealcoating Fort Wayne IN

Recently completing a parking lot sealcoating Fort Wayne IN, Asphalt Care Inc. has been the expert that customers look to when needing parking lot repair.  They recently completed a significant parking lot sealcoating and layout project at Sports One Ice House.  The commercial property suffered from faded asphalt, worn-out parking lines, and a lack of fire lane markings, prompting the owner’s urgent call for help.  Our team swiftly assessed the situation and devised a comprehensive plan to bring their commercial property back to full function.

This commercial pavement project improved the safety and appearance of the parking lot. Starting with sealcoating the paved areas, we filled minor cracks and ensured a protective layer against weather damage. Next, we performed line striping with high-quality reflective paint in multiple colors. The process encompassed fire lane/no parking areas, lettering, handicapped spaces, and loading zones. Each service addressed a different aspect of the damage to this Fort Wayne parking lot: correcting surface damage, enhancing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with ADA regulations.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Specialists in Fort Wayne, IN

At Asphalt Care Inc., we pride ourselves on our 43 years of commercial sealcoating, striping, and signage expertise. This extensive experience isn’t just about parking lots; it spans a wide spectrum of commercial asphalt services tailored to Fort Wayne, IN, businesses. Our dedication to local business owners shows in our meticulous workmanship. Collaborate with us on your own pavement improvement project with our superior commercial paving solutions, including but not limited to asphalt repair, milling, paving, crack filling, drainage repair, and comprehensive signage and striping services.

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