Asphalt Paving

Asphalt pavement is so versatile that it’s used in many different constructions: roads, driveways, parking lots, loading zones, dumpster pads, sports courts, walkways, and more. That’s why professional paving services are vital to keeping local communities in good condition and local drivers safe.

Asphalt Paving for Indiana Property Owners

Established in 1980, Asphalt Care Inc. is the leading paving contractor catering to the Fort Wayne, IN, area. With decades of industry experience, we understand every aspect of creating paved surfaces that will last for decades.

  • Installation

    We ensure that all our pavement is installed with a stable gravel base, correctly mixed asphalt, appropriate layers, and state-of-the-art finishing so that our pavement is durable and long-lasting. Whether you need a new commercial parking lot or residential driveway, we can install pavement that will stand the test of time.

  • Restoration

    When an Indiana paved surface suffers from cracks, potholes, or other kinds of damage, the paving contractors at Asphalt Care Inc perform a thorough pavement inspection to find the right solution. Then we apply advanced repair services that target that damage for reasonable prices.

  • Maintenance

    To keep local pavement from deteriorating in the first place, we also offer pavement maintenance services like sealcoating and crack filling that protects it from weather and use. Sealing paved surfaces saves money on repair costs.

Asphalt Care Inc: Paving Experts in Fort Wayne and Beyond!

Whatever our local property owners need, whether that’s a new parking lot or repairs on a driveway, we can help! We specialize in comprehensive services to improve your property.

  • Experience – With 43 years of experience installing and repairing pavement in Indiana, our contractors can handle a wide range of services. Led by experts with a combined asphalt paving experience of over 30 years, our estimator alone brings 25 years of industry insight.
  • Service – Our knowledgeable and friendly contractors focus on the customer experience, providing detailed free estimates and ongoing communication on every project.
  • Workmanship – We believe so strongly in the quality of our equipment, our trained contractors, and our products that we offer a two-year warranty on all our services!

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by our provision of free estimates and a team of knowledgeable and friendly employees. This dedication to quality craftsmanship has positioned Asphalt Care Inc. as one of northeast Indiana’s premier parking lot maintenance companies.

Contact us now for top-tier asphalt paving services in the Fort Wayne area!

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