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Elevate your property’s value with well-maintained, efficient, and compliant parking lots and roadways in Indiana. Asphalt Care Inc takes pride in revitalizing your space. A freshly repainted parking lot gives a modern, cared-for look, enhancing curb appeal and fostering loyalty

What YOU Need to Know About Parking Lot Striping & Signage

At Asphalt Care Inc, we want our local business owners to get the most out of their pavement maintenance services, so we’re answering the questions we’ve gotten the most in our 40 years of installing, repairing, and maintaining commercial paving.

    • What is line striping?

      This service involves applying visible paint markings to a paved surface using reflective asphalt paint to ensure an organized and efficient use of the space.

    • Can you do other pavement markings besides lines?

      Sure! In addition to traditional lines, we can create directional arrows, crosswalks, handicap symbols, fire lanes, and customized stencils for specific guidance or branding.

    • How do I know if my lot needs restriping?

      If the lines between spaces are fading, difficult to see, or causing accidents, it’s time for restriping. Clear, well-defined pavement markings improve safety and organization.

    • What’s the process for striping a parking lot?

      Our crew performs a thorough cleaning, takes precise measurements, and uses high-quality paint to apply clear lines, symbols, and markings. Most traffic paint cures within 24 hours, but check with us before use.

What does the ADA have to do with my property?

The ADA mandates that parking lots have accessible spaces, proper signage, and compliant markings to ensure equal accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

  • Are there any other services that enhance line striping?

    Absolutely. In addition to line painting, sealcoating is a valuable service that protects your pavement and enhances the painted lines’ appearance and longevity, ensuring a crisp and professional look.

  • What if I have potholes or cracks?

    If your pavement is damaged, our parking lot repair services can address these issues. Asphalt patching can fix potholes, while crack filling services stop deterioration with quality products.

  • Enhance Your Parking Lot with Line Striping Services from Asphalt Care Inc

    Our pavement markings manage traffic and optimize parking while custom stencils add branding flair. We ensure ADA compliance to avoid penalties. Our services span striping, curb painting, arrows, crosswalks, stenciling, custom stencils, and signage—guaranteeing your property shines and complies with Fort Wayne, IN regulations.

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