Bluffton Parking Lot Gets New Life with Line Striping

parking lot line stripingAre you thinking about a new parking lot layout on your Indiana commercial property? At Asphalt Care Inc., we offer quality line striping services to local business owners in Bluffton, IN, and across the Hoosier State because we care about our local communities. Recently, our partners at Brooks Construction contracted us to finish their freshly paved parking lot for a new urgent care business, requiring precise line striping and pavement markings for optimal functionality and safety.

Upon inspection, our estimator noticed the need for a comprehensive line striping solution to delineate spaces, stop bars, and crosswalks effectively. Working closely with the property owner, we devised a plan to address these challenges and enhance the parking lot’s usability with the proper ADA symbols and traffic markings. Having accessible spaces that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act is vital for parking lots on medical facilities.

Optimizing Parking Safety: Asphalt Care Inc.’s Line Striping Project at Fast Pace Urgent Care in Bluffton, IN

line stripingThe work consisted of carefully cleaning the paved surface, taking precise measurements, and applying high-quality traffic paint to create clear and visible pavement markings like parking stall lines, accessibility symbols, and no parking zones. To create these symbols, we use high-quality paint, advanced painting equipment, and ADA-compliant stencils. Our skilled paving contractors ensured this pavement marking project was completed on time, minimizing disruptions to business operations.

By investing in professional line striping services, property owners can benefit from improved curb appeal, enhanced pedestrian safety, and optimized traffic flow. Moreover, ADA compliance is crucial to avoid legal liabilities associated with faded or inadequate pavement markings.

Upgrade Your Property: Bluffton Property Owners, Ensure Safety with Asphalt Care Inc.’s Line Striping Services

Ensure your property’s safety and functionality with Asphalt Care Inc.’s expert line striping services, a great addition to parking lot installation and repair projects. With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, we are the preferred choice for commercial paving needs in Bluffton, IN, and surrounding areas.

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