Residential Paving Services

When you require a new driveway or want to rejuvenate your residential pavement in Indiana, look no further than Asphalt Care Inc. We’re the trusted choice for homeowners seeking exceptional paving solutions.

Our Residential Paving Services

Since 1980, Asphalt Care Inc. has been a distinguished pavement contractor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Boasting a remarkable 43-year history, we specialize in an array of residential paving services, including installation, sealcoating, repair, resurfacing, and more. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll love your new paved area that we proudly offer a two-year guarantee on every asphalt project.

  • Driveway Installation

    Our driveway paving process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your property’s layout and specific needs. We collaborate closely with you to design a functional and aesthetically pleasing driveway. We expertly install the asphalt using advanced paving technologies, ensuring a durable and visually appealing result.

  • Driveway Repair

    When your pavement requires repair, our process involves a thorough evaluation of the damage. We tailor our approach to address cracks, potholes, and other issues, ensuring your asphalt regains its structural integrity and visual appeal. Our team’s expertise guarantees that your driveway will be restored to its optimal condition.

  • Driveway Maintenance

    Our commitment to excellence extends beyond installation, as we offer cost-effective maintenance services like sealcoating, crack filling, and regular inspections. These measures ensure the longevity and attractiveness of your driveway, allowing you to enjoy a well-maintained and functional paved surface for years to come.

Asphalt Care Inc: Residential Paving You Can Trust in Indiana

Backed by more than 30 years of combined paving experience, Asphalt Care Inc. is your reliable partner for all your residential pavement needs. Our trained and licensed pavement experts meticulously survey your property, working closely with you to design and install a paved area that meets your requirements. We’ll also help you with proven services to repair and maintain that paved area so that you save money while increasing property values.

Ready to improve your Indiana residential property with new pavement? Don’t wait! Contact us right away!

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