Driveway Paving

Considering a new driveway for your Indiana property? Asphalt Care Inc can create flexible, durable, cost-effective, and promptly installed residential pavement. Asphalt and concrete are popular paving materials that offer reasonable durability, but one has clear advantages.

Advantages of Asphalt Driveways

  • Flexibility: More flexible than concrete, it’s less prone to cracking.
  • Affordability: Asphalt paving is usually cheaper compared to concrete.
  • Winter Resilience: Hardier in winter conditions, it resists salt and ice damage.
  • Faster Setting: It sets faster and hardens quicker than concrete.
  • Cost-Effective Fixes: Local companies offer cost-effective repair solutions.

Understanding Residential Pavement Installation

First, you must understand the material your driveway is made of. The asphalt used to pave driveways is similar to the dark black material you see road crews laying on highways. Also known as “a hot mix,” this material consists of aggregates mixed with a petroleum-based tar-like material that needs to be heated over 300 degrees F for installation. While it may seem easy, driveway paving is best left to professionals. Luckily, our professionals have over 40 years of asphalt installation experience for homeowners and business owners in Indiana!

Your Driveway Paving Options

Pavement longevity relies heavily on its base layer, as this creates stability for all the layers above. Depending on your situation, your local residential paving contractors can take different approaches to driveway installation. Indiana homeowners might have some options for residential paving:

  1. Install on Existing Pavement – If your current driveway is in good condition and not severely cracked, hot mix asphalt can be laid directly on top of it. Be mindful of height changes to ensure structures like fences and garage floors are unaffected.
  2. Remove the Old Pavement First – In this method, the existing pavement is removed entirely, or if you don’t have any, 4 to 6 inches of hot mix is laid on top of the soil. While quicker and less expensive, this option offers less stability.
  3. Lay an Aggregate Base – The preferred approach involves installing a new aggregate stone base. Typically, 6 to 8 inches of aggregate is placed under 3 inches of asphalt for enhanced stability and durability.

Asphalt Care Inc: Driveway Paving Experts in Indiana

When considering driveway installation for your Indiana property, trust our expertise, built over 43 years in the industry.

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