Parking Lot Paving

Welcome to Asphalt Care Inc., your trusted partner for top-tier parking lot paving services n the Fort Wayne, IN area. With a rich history of over four decades in commercial paving, we are the go-to choice for businesses seeking professional and reliable pavement solutions. From new construction to expansion, we bring expertise and dedication to every project, transforming your parking lot into a safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing asset for your business.

What IN Business Owners Need to Know About Parking Lot Paving

Indiana business owners should be well-informed about various aspects to ensure a functional and appealing space for their customers and employees. From the initial asphalt installation to meticulous line striping, proper signage, and adherence to ADA compliance regulations, well-designed and well-maintained pavement contributes significantly to the overall impression of your business.

  • Expert Asphalt Installation

    The foundation of a reliable parking lot lies in its asphalt installation. Partnering with an experienced paving company like ours ensures that your commercial pavement is constructed using high-quality materials and precise techniques. Expert installation guarantees durability and minimizes the need for frequent repairs, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Precise Line Striping

    Clear and well-maintained line striping is essential for efficient traffic flow and organized parking. Properly marked spaces, loading zones, and directional arrows improve safety and prevent congestion. Our team excels in precision line striping, ensuring your lot is optimized for smooth movement and maximum capacity.

  • Effective Signage and ADA Compliance

    Strategically placed signage is crucial for guiding drivers and pedestrians and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Moreover, adhering to ADA compliance standards is essential to make your parking lot accessible to everyone. Well-designed signs and proper handicap spaces demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and avoid potential legal issues.

Asphalt Care Inc: Parking Lot Paving Specialists in Indiana

With our expertise in commercial asphalt paving, we offer comprehensive solutions encompassing every stage, from installation to line striping, signage, and ADA compliance, ensuring your parking lot reflects professionalism and convenience.

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