Parking Lot Repair

Factors like heavy rain, oil leaks, and excessive weight damage parking lots, resulting in cracks, potholes, and discoloration. To combat this, business owners need to partner with a local paving company with experience.

Parking Lot Repair Services

In business since 1980, Asphalt Care Inc is the paving company in the Fort Wayne, IN area trusted by local property owners for pavement repair. We offer a comprehensive range of repair services designed to extend the lifespan of your commercial pavement, ensuring its safety, functionality, and visual appeal.

Surface Repairs

  • Crack Filling: Timely crack repair is vital to prevent further damage and enhance the overall appearance of your asphalt pavement. Crack filling prevents water infiltration, which can lead to deterioration and potholes, while sealcoating safeguards the paved surface from weather and erosion, prolonging its life.
  • Resurfacing: By applying a new layer of asphalt, resurfacing improves the appearance and functionality of your parking lot, addressing minor cracks and imperfections while providing a smooth surface.
  • Line Striping: Precise line striping ensures organized traffic flow, clearly defined parking spaces, and adherence to safety regulations.

Pavement Reconstruction

  • Pothole Repair: Our team effectively repairs potholes, preventing accidents and further deterioration. Potholes are removed and filled with high-quality materials to restore the integrity of your parking lot.
  • Milling: Milling involves removing the upper layer of damaged asphalt, creating a smooth base for new pavement installation.
  • Overlay: Overlaying entails placing a new asphalt layer over your existing surface, addressing larger cracks and damage for a renewed appearance and enhanced strength.

When Replacement is Necessary

If extensive damage exists, replacement might be the best solution. Our experienced team ensures the proper removal and disposal of the old surface, followed by the compaction and installation of new asphalt or concrete, ensuring lasting and superior results for your parking lot.

Asphalt Care Inc: Parking Lot Repair Experts in Indiana

Revitalize your parking lot with Asphalt Care Inc’s expert repair services in Indiana. From crack filling to sealcoating, our experienced team ensures your pavement remains safe, durable, and visually appealing.

Don’t wait for minor issues to turn into costly repairs—contact us to extend your lot’s lifespan today.

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